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About the methodics

Today yoga is popular as never before. And it is a positive fact - because any attention to your body and deliberate care is usualy good for the health. However, there are different attitudes towards yoga. A lot of physicians are arguing against yoga. Interference into muskuloskeletal (and other systems of the organism) without any preassessment provided by the people with no medical education can be not only useless, but even dangerous? as they state.

Orthopedic yoga methodics combines both traditional yoga and orthodox medical practice. This methodics was developed by the high-qualified physician. Many years of therapeutic practice including children treatment and reablement of the disabled people provided deep undertanding of the human body recovery potential.

Adaptibility to individual requirements of any person is one of the advantages of orthopedic yoga. It provides not only general improvement of the health but helps to cope with some specific problems.

Most of the time modern people sit (at the working place. in transport, at home). Low physical activity, unhealthy food, high stress have severe cosequences for the health - chronic fatigue, headache, backache, kidney desease, digestive desease, agenesis and many other problems.

One of the ways to improve it all is regular yoga practice under the experienced teacher control.

Besides the therapeutic effect yoga helps to improve body shapes? posture, gait and mood.

You shouldn’t wait till you come down. Start doing yoga today.