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Some wodrs from our leading instructor


My name is Tatiana Krasnova.

I am a practitioner orthopedist. And I am also a yoga trainer.

I've graduated Omsk State medicine institute in 1987 as a physician and pediatrician.

And now, almost 30 years I've not only been healing people, but helping them to stay healthy, to get their health back.

By now I have a cardiologist specialization, a doctor of physical therapy and sports medicine, and in 2013 I've graduated internship in traumatology and orthopedics.

During my work in medicine, and in my personal experience, I realized how important it is for the health to move right. And "right" is not a universal definition for everyone. I realized: nothing and no one can help if one does not care about one's own health.

Since 14 years I have been doing hatha yoga.

I practiced different yoga styles: raja yoga, kundalini yoga, Iyengar yoga. I studied oriental combat sports, and I have a black belt in one of the hard styles karate - Kyokushin. I could not imagine my life without skiing, athletics, hiking, skating, cycling.

But gradually one controversial idea has become obvious for me: sport is not always synonymous with health. Many sportsmen have serious problems with health.

Moreover, the wrong training can do you great harm.

It can be said about yoga classes as well. It's not useful for all people to stand on a head or do inverted asanas at all. Sometimes it is very dangerous and absolutely contraindicated .

We thoroughly learn information about the barber or the tailor, not to mention the doctor, to who we are going to go. So why do we sometimes thoughtlessly trust our body, our mind, and consequently our health to uneducated trainers without deep knowledge of human anatomy?

At the same time yoga practice with an experienced instructor is good and healthy for all people, regardless of age and physical condition.

It is obvious that each instructor brings to the practice one's attitude and one's experience.

My knowledge of medicine in general and traumatology and orthopedics in particular has postponed an imprint on the my yoga classes.

Eventually I began to teach "orthopedic yoga". It is my own method, that I have designed for locomotor patients rehabilitation.

Since 2008 I have been teaching yoga and I am really happy that it helps people.

Welcome to my yoga class!