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Yoga and posture.

When the soul is easy and joyful - we like the wings grow behind, we straightens "priosanivaemsya" like doing the above growth, and vice versa, troubles oppress us, man becomes bent over, humiliated, "dejected". But everything in nature is interconnected - try to straighten the back, proudly raise golovu- attitude and the mood is changing, and the surrounding begin to perceive you differently, treated with respect. "Posture human facade of his soul," - said the Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian.

It proved and confirmed by studies, that people with good posture hunched their successful counterparts, achieve better results in their careers and occupy higher positions in society. Where have you seen hunched queen? Even the evil fairy-tale image with a bearing at the royals all wonderful!

Perhaps there is no effective way to improve your posture than yoga. Even beginners result can be seen with the naked eye after the first class. The fact that the problems with the spine, and therefore a bearing, have each of the first, even the dancers, now is not news. Try to perform a simple test: take two pencils (preferably long, I mean, not "stub") and tighten them in the jaws, stand before a mirror directly. If pencils are not parallel to each other - you can not posture perfect


(Picture- photos "pencil test")


I must admit that almost all properly perform yoga asanas (even deep bending and twisting) "stretched" the spine and "revealed" the chest, so regal posture practicing yoga - guaranteed! We engaged in strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities, the press, shoulder girdle, back (including deep muscles along the spine), namely all of them "responsible" for the correct posture.

Besides, what good osanka- it is beautiful, it is also healthy. Do not be vrachom radiologist to understand that when "Curve" back compressed and displaced from their "legitimate" places of internal organs, including the heart and lungs, consequently suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory systems. When curvatures of the spine are often "clamped" nerves, arteries, veins, lymph vessels, which leads to all kinds of diseases such as musculoskeletal system and internal organs, nervous and digestive systems.

Often, persistent headaches go after the person gets used to keep your back straight while deployed shoulders, relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle, lengthened and liberates all cervical-thoracic spine and improves blood circulation in the skull, and therefore in all its contents (y some of it even has a brain!).

"Without posture horse - cow!". As always succinctly and vividly noticed in the popular saying. And folk mudrostyu- not argue. And why argue? It makes more sense to perform complex to improve posture.

  Complex "beautiful posture".

1. Tadasana (mountain pose).

Variations: Tadasana wall.

2. Bandhguliasana (posture with interlaced fingers).

Вариации: Бандхгулиасана у стены.

3. Urdvahastasana (posture with hands raised).

Variations: Urdvahastasana the wall Urdvahastasana with a strap on the forearms.

4.Gomukhasana (posture "cow head").

5. Urdhva mukha shvanasana (posture of the dog snout up)

6. Bhudzhangasana (cobra pose)

Lite version; Ardha Bhundzhangasana (polukobra or posture of the Sphinx)

7.Goasana (position table).

Variations: pose table in balance.

8.Shalabhasana (Locust Pose).

Variations: with belts, with arms stretched forward, with arms stretched backwards.

9. Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

Variations: Building on foot, relying on his heels, using blocks.

10. Дханурасана (поза лука).

Variations: with a belt.

11.Suptabandhakonasana (to Bolster).

12. Salambasarvangasana (to Bolster).

13. Dandasana (staff position)

Variations: with hands raised (with a belt and without a belt).

14.Kakasana (crow pose)

15. Supta Tadasana.

16. Savasana.